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Feel the difference in your microbiome with FRISKA

In a year where all aspects of our wellness routine, not to mention our microbiome, were put to the test, our eating and drinking habits were also turned upside down (don’t worry, take-out has been the go to for us too!). It’s not new news that a healthy gut is key to good health and harmony. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points to bacteria in our gut playing a huge role in our overall well-being.  

What makes a healthy gut? There’s a lot of pieces to the digestive puzzle – from saliva all the way down to the microbiome.  You know that feeling when you are so full and bloated? That’s your body struggling to digest what you ate. Or how about that spinach salad you had for lunch… Would you be shocked to know that your body only absorbed a very small percentage of the nutrients? That’s where the magic of FRISKA comes in - it helps you break down AND get more of the good stuff from your food. If you’re eating healthier, why not get the most you can from it, right?! Oh, and when you are feeling gassy, bloated, stuffed and even stressed - FRISKA can help to take care of those problems, so that you can feel the difference on the inside and outside. Eat good, feel good, look good.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to put health at the forefront for the foreseeable future and there is a greater focus on foods and supplements that enhance not only our immunity but our mental and emotional well-being. Who doesn’t need a Mood Boost these days? As we approach the year ahead and look to set achievable resolutions, one critical area to focus on is our gut health. 70% of our immune cells reside in our gut so the easiest way to boost our overall immune function is to make gut health the #1 priority. Who knew that a healthy gut equaled a healthy lifestyle overall? SCORE!


While we all hope that life returns to some sort of normalcy in 2021, taking small steps to create simple and effective habits can make a world of difference while we feel like everything else is out of our control. Our health is a by-product of our habits. Make your life easier this year, and forget about the complex routine of taking multiple pills. FRISKA’s family of digestive enzymes and probiotics are just another way you can simplify your wellness routine. Simplifying our hectic days is self care. And like we always say at FRISKA… When you break it down, digestive care is self care so start your year by feeling the difference with FRISKA ✌️

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