Hey - Happy Earth Day, FRISKA Fam! Here at FRISKA, we like to be as conscious as possible about our health and wellness. Since the Earth plays a large part in our overall health, we also like to be conscious about our environmental impact. 

Do you realize the impact Earth has on our mental health and our overall wellness? Just going outside can relieve anxiety and positively impact people with mild to moderate depression. The sunshine (vitamin D) also does wonders to the mind! Exposure to sunlight (with SPF skin protection, of course!) is thought to increase the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused - that’s why we tend to feel good inside when the sun comes out - and if you live in a place where there’s darker winters (cough, cough, Minnesota) be sure to stock up on Mood Boost. 😉 

Something we love to brag about is our glass bottles. We love the bright blue color and we love that they are recyclable! How many of your supplements, vitamins, or pills come in a glass bottle? Our guess is that it’s not too many… We wanted to offer amazing product protection and we also wanted to make a difference. Our glass bottle is 100% recyclable (if the label is removed) and our cap is 100% recyclable too! While it wasn’t possible to get our paper tubes 100% recyclable, we came up with a lot of ways for you to reuse your FRISKA tube!

The FRISKA team loves to reuse empty FRISKA containers at home, on the go, and at our desks. Can you come up with more creative ways to reuse the FRISKA tubes?


Here are 6 ways we like to reuse FRISKA packaging!

1. Make-up brush/toothbrush/beauty tools holder

2. Utensil holder for desk

3. Q-tip or cotton ball container for medicine cabinet OR for traveling

4. Junk drawer organizers: coins, paper clips, rubber bands, etc

5. On-the-go snack container. For you or your kids!

6. A coozie? Well, maybe not... but if the beer fits… 


Email or DM us on instagram with your ideas for a chance to win a coupon PLUS a free product of your choice 😉


Happy Earth Day! Get outside today and boost that serotonin. Don’t forget to take a Mood Boost for good measure!

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